Dermaplaning provides an effective and safe exfoliation treatment that promotes deeper product penetration, boosting the effects of skin care products while making the skin look and feel smoother and also reducing the appearance of acne scars. The treatment also works to remove facial hair that can trap dirt and oils. 

Available as a 30 minute treatment or a 55 minute with a hydrating mask and massage

30 mins          £30

55 mins          £40



Gel-X Nail Extensions


You've heard of acrylics. You've probably tried your fair share of press-on nails. And you've definitely had a gel manicure at least once in your life. So, what do you get when you combine all of the best traits about each of these nail treatments into on service? Gel nail extensions. They are made from the same gel that gel polish is made of, add length to your regular nails like a press-on, and are as strong and long-lasting as acrylics, but without the powder or the harsh chemicals.



Here's how it works: A thin layer of a thick, clear gel is used to apply the gel extension to your own nail. After doing so, you'll place your nail, with the nail extension on top, underneath the LED light. The gel will act as a bonder, curing underneath the LED light, so that the extension and your 

nail become one. The clear gel product fills in any of the gaps, making the nail extension even stronger, similar to an acrylic.


Your gel nail extensions can last up to three weeks, according to Aprés' website, but it should last you as long as a gel manicure would, depending on your natural nail growth. When you're ready to remove your extensions, all you have to do is use foil and acetone to soak them off until they're ready to peel, like you would with gel polish removal.


Another plus? If you're using regular nail polish to paint your gel nail extensions, you can remove and repaint them as much as you want without having to worry about getting them filled, like acrylics. You can maintain the life of your gel extensions at home by cutting and shaping them as they grow out.



But the best thing about the gel nail extensions are how natural they look. It is a better-looking finished product in the end — it looks more natural than acrylics. This is likely due to the fact that you're able to shape them the way that you want and make them as thin as your real nails.



Gel-X nails inc Gel Paint £30



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Brow lamination

High frequency facials

Microderbrasion Facials

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Rejuvenated and brighter skin.

Revival of dull skin.

Removal of dead skin cells.

Even skin texture and tone.

Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Smoother, softer skin.

Eliminated pigmentation and reduced effects of sun damage.






Skin peels are designed to exfoliate your skin and encourage it to refresh itself by creating fresh new skin cells. They also stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production to help target the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin peel treatments make use of acids and enzymes to exfoliate away layers of the skin to reveal fresher, clearer, more youthful looking skin beneath the surface.


The powerful blend of ingredients in skin peels work to visibly reduce the appearance of open pores, remove dead skin cells, target blemishes, acne and pigmentation, and visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure is used all over the world to treat skin conditions such as fine line and wrinkles, acne, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage - the results can be life-transforming.

Chemical Peel                       £60

course of 4.                            £190

OR alongside Dermaplaning for only £40 on top of Dermaplaning cost!